BNB Management

You have a second property, a cottage, or a condo, and want to earn more from this investment. You are busy with your day-to-day job or business, or are not even living in Ontario. You want a reliable team to take over the full management of your property, make sure it is well taken care of, create and manage your listing on AirBNB and other similar platforms, and provide you with timely financial reports. The BNB Management Package of BNB Ready is all that you need.

We have an easy and flexible onboarding process and qualified team members and partners in the cities we operate in. Our experience with Airbnb will allow you to make the most from your properties and earn passive income.

We take care of all guest communications, from replying to inquiries on AirBNB, to assisting to check-ins and check-outs. We also follow up to obtain positive reviews after each reservation.

You will have full access to your Airbnb account, and funds are deposited within 5 business days after month end, after we deduct our management fees.

We currently provide this service only in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area.

BNB Management – Full Services
20%of monthly net revenues
  • 24/7 AirBNB Booking Management
  • 24/7 Guest Communications & Support
  • Weekly Pricing Optimization
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Linen & Towel Services
  • Key Exchange Management
  • Guest Screenings
  • Post-Reservation Feedback Request
  • Guest Reviews Management




Reporting &

Step 1 – Initial Consultation 

01. First phone Call
To be updated

02. Property Viewing
To be updated

Step 2 – Contractual Agreement

01. Contract Signature
To be updated

02. ​Home Staging
To be updated

03. Professional Photography
To be updated

04. ​Listing Creation
To be updated

Step 3 – Account Management

01. Listing Optimization
To be updated

02. ​Price Optimization
To be updated

03. Guest Verification & Screening
To be updated

04. Guest Communication
To be updated

05. Payments & Deposit
To be updated

06. Cleaning and Preparation
To be updated

07. ​Check-in
To be updated

08. ​Guest Support
To be updated

09. ​Check-out
To be updated

10. ​Reviews
To be updated

Step 4 – Reporting And Payment

01. Monthly Reporting
To be updated

02. Payments
To be updated